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1. Abu Dhabi

2. Dubai

3. Sharjah
4. Al Ain

5. Ajman
Popular Restaurants in Abu Dhabi :

While one may think that dining in Abu Dhabi would be limited to local cuisine and not much else, this surprising city actually has a wide range of delicious restaurants to choose from with food from all over the world. Arabic is the easiest dining choice to find, but there is top flight Western cooking available here, as well as many Asian restaurants, too. Many of the best spots are located inside hotels and are difficult to see from the street, so don’t be afraid to go in and see what’s on the menu.

Shamyat - Salam Street, Abu Dhabi
While the food here might be only slightly above average, the friendly service and wonderful dining atmosphere make Shamyat a great place to get your feet wet if you aren’t use to Arabic dining choices.

Zaitoon - Danat Resort Jebel Dhanna
This jewel of a restaurant may take some getting to, but it is a trip worth the trouble. With an inventive menu and excellent service, Zaitoon is a consistent winner.

Ocean Grillhouse - Al Jazira Resort, near Ghantoot
With spectacular views and excellent service, the Ocean Grillhouse is a great spot for tourists and locals. Seafood and Arabic dishes dominate the menu here.

Min Zaman - Al Ain Rotana Hotel Al Ain
An Abu Dhabi restaurant that has truly adopted the Western portion size, this Arabic and Lebanese feast house is sure to satisfy any hunger you might have, no matter how large!

Marakesh - Inside the Millennium Hotel, Abu Dhabi
A little of North Africa in the middle of Abu Dhabi? You’ll get an authentic Moroccan meal here and more as Marakesh has rocketed to the top of the list of best Abu Dhabi restaurants.

Al Ariyaf Restaurant - located inside the Abu Dhabi Mall
If you’ve had enough typical Arabic food and you are looking for something a big different, check out the Al Ariyaf Restaurant, as they spin the traditional Arabic cuisine in fun and original ways.

49ers - Inside the  Al Diar Dana Hotel
To prove how diverse and interesting dining in Abu Dhabi is, the 49ers steakhouse looks to be right out of downtown Houston, with fantastic steaks and a sterling menu.

Abu Taf
From the outside, Abu Taf doesn’t look like a restaurant; it hardly looks safe, but inside, you’ll find fantastic Chinese food and excellent service.

Al Fanar - Inside the Le Meridian Hotel
For a massive menu done right, check out the Al Fanar. They offer “international” cuisine, which means a little bit of everything, and they do it well.

Biella - Inside the Marina Mall
With excellent Italian food, Biella sets itself apart in a city that isn’t known for spectacular Italian cooking. Check out the fresh seafood dishes which change daily.

Popular Restaurants in Dubai :

If you have time, energy and money to go out even semi-regularly then my first piece of advice is to buy a book called ‘The Entertainer’. This costs 195 Dirhams and gets you half-price meals at many of the restaurants in Dubai - it’s a good deal! 

The Alamo - Jumeira
A favourite for after work drinks and Sunday brunches.  Mainly Western ex-pat crowd, a firmly established venue serving Tex-Mex and cheap(ish) beverages during happy hour. I believe live bands are regular.  100 dhs. should be enough for 2 main courses and a shared dessert. 

Bamboo Lagoon - JW Marriot Hotel (Deira)
An Asian/Japanese/South Pacific - style buffet restaurant. We went for the ‘All Eat and Drink’ buffet at 120dhs and got great food (best steak I’ve had in Dubai) live entertainment and beverages all night; slightly more expensive than normal but worth the extra for the quality and diversity of the food.  Watch for the girls with the coconuts!!

Barasti - Mina Seyahi Hotel (on the beach)
Popular beach-side bar/restaurant on the beach.  Good for early evening sundowners, cocktails and reasonable food.  Fantastic location.

Bentoya - off Sheikh Zayed Road
Those more experienced in Japanese food tell me the cuisine here is of a high standard.  The restaurant is small and unpretentious, the service good and the food apparently authentic.  I found it expensive for what you got - maybe that’s Japanese dining.  People tell me that the take-aways are also very good. 

Bice - Hilton (on the beach)
Very posh Italian eatery in the Hilton hotel.  It has the reputation for fine Italian cuisine and a very trendy place to be seen.  We found the food to be good but not worth the heavy price tag that came with it - service was very slow!  I had the impression Bice was more interested in Bice than the customer - others would not agree.  A good place to take overseas visitors as it will impress with its surroundings and good food. Bank on at least 70/80 dhs a head without Drinks. 

Blue Elephant - Al Bustan Rotana (Near Airport)
A very stylish and up-market Thai restaurant within a very nice hotel.  It is one of the most expensive but worth it and sometimes they have a fantastic buffet deal.  A restaurant to impress, great service and excellent food with a fabulous interior.

Brauhaus - ‘German’
Went here for a ‘theme/promotion night’ of German cuisine and drinks.  It was heavily meat-based and very authentic ‘Bavarian’.  Great beer and leiderhoesen (sp) everywhere.  The breads, meat and beer were of high quality and these nights tend to be very popular as they are ‘only’ low 100’s each!  Don’t go if you don’t like ‘heavy’ food.

Cactus Cantina in Rydges Hotel - Satwa
A favourite Mexican eatery with promotions most nights.  Big portions of standard Mexican fare  Mexican theme inside and good service.  Can book for parties and I believe they give Salsa dancing classes too!  Bank on 60/70 dhs. for 2 without drinks. 

Cactus Jacks nr. airport
Another very good Mexican with arguably better food than ‘Cactus Cantina’. They seem to do fewer promotions and the service can be slower but portions huge!  More or less standard price for Mexican - it has a nice outside terrace area and an English-style pub is next door should you feel the need!

Café Ceramique - Jumeira
As the name suggests a café which with a focus on pottery.  The idea is that you enjoy the food (mainly bagel-based) while the kids make or break some pottery.  Actually, the idea is a good one and the often schools go there to encourage kids to be crafty.  They have a nice terrace with a sea-view(ish) and good breakfast specials.  Good service and for 25dhs you get breaky and coffee while reading the complimentary papers.  Lunch is good too, I’m not sure if they are open at night. 

Chilis - upper market fast-food place (American style)
You may know Chilis already, if you don’t it is worth a visit if you are in an ‘up-market MacDonalds frame of mind’.  Actually the food is very good and if ‘American-style’ service and feel is your thing then you will enjoy your visit.  The emphasis is on Mexican with the portion size on American.  Be careful, the bill mounts up without you noticing  - kids always seem to like it but if you don’t have them, why listen to someone else’s? 150 dhs for my family of 4!

Cinnabon - various outlets
This is mainly about a delicious, hot, moreish, fudgeyish, cinnamony bun called a ‘Cinnabon’ - and quite sinful it is!  Have one after shopping in City Centre! 

Ciro’s Pomodoro Mina Seyahi Hotel (on the beach)
Another one of those ‘classy’, pretentious and totally over-rated restaurants that is more into itself than quality food or service (maybe I went on a bad night!).  It’s in the basement of the hotel and seems to lack atmosphere - the food (‘international’ - but mainly European) was very ordinary and for just under 200 dhs (without drinks) was not value for money. 

Colonnade - Jumeirah Beach Hotel
This is a buffet-style restaurant within the JBH and has excellent food.  The full buffet offers an immense choice and the there is no way you could sample everything!  Unfortunately, the restaurant itself is disappointing as it feels like you are sitting in some sort of concourse, in the winter months the better option is to sit outside on the terrace.  At 120 dhs each (without Drinks) it’s a biggy but there are cheaper 2-course options (still buffet-style). You cannot use ‘The Entertainer’ for the buffet, only for a la carte. 

Cucina - JW Marriot
An Italian place with a real Italian feel to it.  It has nooks and crannies an open kitchen and loads of atmosphere. The food is good the prices are reasonable and service friendly and efficient.  Well worth a try!

Dhow and Anchor - Jumeriah Beach Hotel
A favourite with those missing an English pub, it does its best to replicate one.  Good ‘pub grub’ served in the ‘pub’ or on its terrace (the fish and chips are the best in town!). 

Glasshouse - Hilton by the creek
A very stylish restaurant for a special occasion.   However, the food was good and the drinks list impressive.  It has very much an Asian theme to it.  It’s a place to be seen in when price doesn’t really matter - portions are not huge!

Go West - Jumeriah Beach Hotel
Themed ‘Cowboy-type’ restaurant with big portions of everything and reasonable quality. A live band almost every night (quite good actually) and a good place for kids with its themey décor.  I had a very disappointing burger - big but bland.  Prices O.K. at around 30-dhs.ish for simple mains.

Il Rustico - Italian Rydges Hotel Satwa
Another Italian serving good quality, reasonably priced food.  The service is good (nice garlic bread, FOC on arrival) and great pizzas.  My wife always has a pasta dish and is never disappointed.  A good cheap mid-week outing, around 30/40 dhs a main.

Lime Tree - café by Jumeirah Mosque
An institution with many (including me) this NZ run café is based on those you would find in NZ.  For the uninitiated, great food, huge muffins good coffee and generous helpings.  Original recipes and reasonable prices make this a great place anytime during the day.  Upstairs is a nice terrace over-looking the sea no kids allowed up here! 

Mosaico in Emirates Towers
For pure class it’s hard to beat.  This became a regular of ours and is a great place to take visitors.  Mainly Italian in cuisine, its interior is centred around one huge mosaic and the service is unobtrusive and expert.  The food is excellent (although could be more generous in volume)  Upon arrival you are assailed by the offerings of Italian bread - go and see what I mean.  Sometimes they do menu deals of 80/100dhs for 5 courses - watch out for them!

Pax Romana, Sheikh Zayed in Dusit Dubai Hotel
Perhaps the most over-the-top Italian I have ever been into.  The décor is stunning but overpowering and the service a little the same way too.  However, the food is good and you can sit in complete seclusion but still be in the restaurant.  It’s a strange experience but not unpleasant and it’s one of those places that you have to go to in order to make your own mind up.  We enjoyed the night but haven’t been back since - we keep meaning to!  To be honest I can’t remember the price for the meal but it wasn’t expensive considering the surroundings.

Red Lion - Sheikh Zayed Metropolitan Hotel
Very English, complete with thick smoke and darts.  Not the place for a romantic dinner for two!

Spice Island - Renaissance Hotel -Deira
An institution as a Friday brunch buffet.  At 120/130dhs a person it’s pricey but the choice is amazing and the kids are looked after by clowns, etc…There is masses of food and the soft drinks are included for this price.  Paying more as a set price will get you Drinks included too.  For me, the noise and the clamour of the kids was too much (and this includes my own kids) and wasn’t my idea of a good dining experience.  However, for families it’s a good option - especially if you go with other families. 

Teatro - Rotana Hotel Sheikh Zayed
Another favourite, stylish international cuisine and open working kitchens representing different cuisines.  Good, professional service, consistently good food and great wine list and wine cellar - you can walk through it!  Classy feel to the place.  Meal for two would be approaching 200dhs for a 3-course (no Drinks).

Popular Restaurants in Sharjah :

Al- Shami Restaurant
It is a Arabic restaurant. Here you can gorge on tantalizing Middle Eastern and Arabic cuisines.
The menu of the restaurant consist of popular Arabic cuisines like Shawarma and mixes grill
and sea food preparations.

Al- Hailah Restaurant
It serves Afghani and Arabic specialties. It is one of the Popular Eateries in Dubai.

La Sani Restaurant
It serves yummy Pakistani dishes. Its specialty is a la carte dishes.

Chicken Tikka Inn
It is a Pakistani restaurant. This restaurant is a gourmet's delight. Here you can seduce your
taste buds with delicious chicken Tikka. It offers the best BBQ.

Gazebo Restaurant
Here you can sample delicious vegetarian dishes.

Sharjah Dhow Restaurant
Here you can sample Arabic as well as Continental delicacies.

Sealand Restaurant
It serves continental dishes. It is popular for its sea food dishes. The specialty of the restaurant is Termidor Lobster .

Peking Chinese Restaurants
It serves Chinese dishes .It is one of the Popular Restaurants in Sharjah.

Popular Restaurants in Al Ain :

Al Ain is a fascinating tourist destination in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. One can find an array of restaurants serving wide range of cuisines. The choice of cuisines varies from Egyptian to Turkish, Chinese to Indian, Iranian to Lebanese and kid’s favorite fast food joints and many more.

The restaurants in Al Ain are an ideal place to sit and relax over delicious and sumptuous meal after a long day traversing through the garden city of Al Ain.

Syrian & Egyptian Cuisine

Abu Halab Restaurant

PO Box 15129, Hilton Street, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7515535

Fax: 009713 7664947


Naba Al Khair Restaurant

PO Box 80728, Besides Mashreq Bank, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7665497

Fax: 009713 7666547


Golden Fish Restaurant

PO Box 15209, Old Immigration Street, Al Ain

 Tel: 009713 7642576


Momen Restaurant

PO Box 15470, Al Ain Mall

Tel: 009713 7626449

Fax: 009713 7518040


Chinese Cuisine

China Wall Restaurant

PO Box 23430, Al Ain Town Square

Tel: 009713 7510105

Fax: 09713 7510152


Chinese Dragon Restaurant

PO Box 19022, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7667011

Fax: 009713 7210895


Dubai Mughal Restaurant

PO Box 59101, Al Ain Mall

Tel: 009713 7510506

Fax: 009713 7510306


French Cuisine

Le Belvedere

PO Box 24476, Mercure Grand Hotel, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7838888

Fax: 009713 7839000


Trader Vic's

PO Box 1210, Al Ain Rotana Hotel

Tel: 009713 7545111 Ext 8825

Fax: 7511073


International Cuisine

Fish Market

PO Box 16031, Intercontinental Hotel, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7686686 Ext154

Fax: 009713 7686766



PO Box 1210, Al Ain Rotana Hotel

Tel: 009713 7545111 Ext 8820

Fax: 009713 7511073


Golden Fork

PO Box 18072, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7669033


Sea World Restaurant for Seafood

PO Box 1323, Al Ain Town Center

Tel: 009713 7511175

Fax: 009713 7511157


Merkato Restaurants

PO Box 80501, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7668488


Iranian Cuisine

Al Khayam

PO Box 1333, Al Ain Hilton Hotel

Tel: 009713 7686666 Ext 7009

Fax: 009713 7687597



PO Box: 16031, Intercontinental Hotel, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7686686 Ext 108/109

Fax: 009713 7686766


Bukhara Restaurant

PO Box 80251, Al Ain Town Center

Tel: 7661515


Indian Carry Restaurant

PO Box 80378, Al Jimi Mall, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7628188

Fax: 009713 7645444


Luce Restaurant

PO Box 16031, Intercontinental Hotel, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7686686 Ext 108/109

Fax: 009713 7686766


Lebanese & Grills Cuisine 

Al Fawar Cafeteria and Restaurant

PO Box 16000, Khalifa Street, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7664600

Fax: 009713 7516600


Al Mallah Restaurant & Grill

PO Box 90790, Al Mwejei, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7559938


Al Noor Restaurant and Grills

PO Box 16786, Al Mwejei, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7557500

Fax: 009713 7550050


Al Areesh Restaurant and Cafeteria

PO Box 17517, Khalifa Street, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7661500


Al Kharoof Al Dhahabi Restaurant & Grills

PO Box 16013, Khalifa Street, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7664488

Tel: 009713 7663893


Al Safadi Restaurant & Grills

PO Box 24116, Khalifa Street, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7655331


Min Zaman

PO Box 1210, Al Ain Rotana Hotel

Tel: 009713 7545111 Ext 8825

Fax: 009713 7511073

Ya Lil Ya Ain

PO Box 15962, Al Jimi / Carrefour, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7633202

Fax: 0097137216622


Mexican Cuisine


PO Box 1333

Tel: 009713 7686666 Ext 7018

Fax: 009713 7687597


Moroccan and Tunisian Cuisine

Priesto Restaurant

PO Box 20999, Beside Al Jimi Cinema, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7622822

Fax: 009713 7622455


Turkish Cuisine

Al Barjeel

PO Box 90282, Al Ain Town Center

Tel: 009713 7664554


Fast Food

Burger King

PO Box 21568 (Dubai), Al Ain Mall

Tel: 009713 7510206, 7515548

Fax: 009713 7515549



PO Box 20135, Al Jimi, Carrefour Building, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7638020

Fax: 009713 7631150



PO Box: 1837, Khalifa Street, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7666266

Fax: 009713 7668296


Kentucky Fried Chicken

PO Box 1837, Al Jimi, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7547299

Fax: 009713 7668296



PO Box 4119, Khalifa Street, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7660277

Fax: 009713 06/5727745


Pizza Hut

PO Box 1837, Khalifa Street, Al Ain

Tel: 009713 7666166

Fax: 009713 7668296

Popular Restaurants in Ajman:


Ajman, the smallest emirate in the UAE, has a few hotels, which range from five star deluxe to budget hotel apartments. The five star hotel offers excellent services including restaurants, room service, concierge, airport transfers, fitness facilities and leisure activities. The hotel apartments are more suitable for long-term stays. 

Most of the hotels are situated near the Ajman Corniche offering mesmerizing view of the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Ajman Beach Hotel

PO Box 874, Ajman, UAE

Tel: +9716 7423333

Fax: +9716 7423363




Ajman Kempinski Hotel & Resort

Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street
PO Box 3025, Ajman, UAE

Tel: +97106 714 5555
Fax: +9716 745 1222



Caravan Resort Ajman

PO Box 3025, Ajman, UAE


Coral Suites Hotel

Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +9716 7429999



Royal Palace Hotel Apartments

Near City Centre,

PO Box 2327, Ajman, UAE
Tel: +971 6 7403444
Fax: +971 6 2610999



Royal Palace Hotel Apartments

Ajman Corniche,

PO Box:2327, Ajman, UAE
Tel: +9716 7457999
Fax: +9716 7457799



Safir Dana Beach Resort

PO Box 916, Ajman, UAE


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